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Literature Search Strategy - A Simple Guide

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Product Name: Literature Search Strategy - A Simple Guide
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Literature Search Strategy - A Simple Guide

This eBook simply explain and guide on how to conduct literature search. This include to know what is the literature, where is the source / databases to retrieve the literature, to know the available on-line open-access databases, and the most important is the strategies to apply in conducting the literature search. Lastly, this eBook explain on how to synthesis the search results. This eBook is highly recommended for all researchers, educators, planners, and every level of leaders or professionals.

They are expected to carry high ability to determine the correct, authentic, and the best is the scholarly sources of information to retrieve from the published or reported work. Therefore, this eBook on the strategies in conducting Literature Search will complement those needs to enable them to do correct searches strategies, recording the search results, and utilize their findings.

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